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Auto workshop :: Autocenter Videv

Videv Auto workshop is a property of Tosho Videv ET.

Carried out more of a customer searches, such as: auto body work and auto painting, locksmith, auto electrical, diagnostic, day care, preparation and presentation of the cars before the Committee for the annual technical inspection, diagnosis and repair of air conditioning systems, installation of alarm and other systems.

The workshop provides maintenance of cars and vans up to 3.5 tons, including planning and running repairs of the most common models in Bulgaria, OPEL, FORD, VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES, BMW, PEUGEOUT and RENAULT.

For this purpose, we have contracts with suppliers of spare parts and consumables, enabling to successfully implement of the chosen trading strategy. Available for the production staff are also specialized tools for repair of units and details of the two suspension bridges, clutch, front and rear hubs, brake systems and others.


Autocenter Videv - Stara Zagora Autocenter Videv - Stara Zagora Autocenter Videv - Stara Zagora


Production capacity of our service are:

  • auto repairs and the adjustment operations - 80 cars per day.
  • tinsmith and car painting services / a longer technological cycle / - about 60 car for 1 month.
  • for daily keeping / cleaning-balance tires, engine diagnostics, steering axle adjustment idr. / - About 50 car for one day.

Mixing systems are used to obtain a specific color for all types of refinishing paints. We use also a car paint from  AKZO NOBEL - SIKKENS  and Romanian paint KLAR. At the request of customers are offered Bulgarian auto varnish and materials.

The workshop has a well-covered warehouse for storage of parts and accessories with a total area of 1000 square meters.

In repair work, we use a parts, supplies and materials from leading the European companies such as: different types of drive belts GATES, friction materials and hinges from VALEO, TRW, ball joints and hinge axes GLO, filters FIAM, exhaust systems WALKER, elements of the ignition systems of CHAMPION, lubricants and additives VALVOLIN, elements of the lighting systems of cars BOSCH, MONROE shock absorbers of the other guarantees provided by the manufacturer to 36 months.

In the workshop, as most production unit in the company are employed on contract a specialists with high qualifications and extensive experience in servicing various brands. Production processes and financial activity is carried out by 6 people administrative staff.

The company has a trained professional for a new certification for imports of transport equipment, according to the Bulgarian state standards.

In the administrative building of the company, a convenient spot for customers is disclosed shop selling spare parts, consumables and tires. We use software for filing, processing and selling stocks of spare parts, electronic parts catalogs of the most common brands in Bulgaria and others.

This year has been prepared for project financing and construction of covered exhibition space for the sale of cars on 300 square meters which architecture will connect to the existing workshop building.

The good impression of the company service is complemented by the cozy atmosphere, created and entertainment to customers in an open place in the administrative building.

The company also has a special vehicle for the repatriation of crashed cars and other vehicles for official use.

Tosho Videv ET has the technical capability and trained personnel for installation of alarms, electronic positioning systems, radio, air conditioning systems and other specialized automotive equipment.